About Medinipur

Medinipur or Midnapore is the district headquarters of West Midnapore or Paschim Medinipur district in the state of West Bengal in the eastern part of India. This district was formed as a result of partition of Midnapore into east and west Medinipur. This small town is located on the banks of the river Kangsabati also known as Kasai or Cossye.  Midnapore has its own municipality constituted as early as 1865 which is the municipal body governing the civic services.  It has a population of around one hundred sixty-nine thousand one hundred twenty-seven people. The official language of the town is Bengali and people there also speak Hindi and English.


Geography of Medinipur

Medinipur has a total area of around nineteen square kilometers. The post office is in Medinipur itself and there are many branch offices within the district which is a boon and one of the biggest advantages that the post is delivered in the town.

It is not difficult to reach Medinipur either by road, rail or bus. It is connected not only to the big towns and cities but also to small towns and villages.  It is around two hundred fourteen kilometers from Howrah Station which is the main railway station of the urban city of Kolkata. There is also the Midnapore railway station where you can reach by local trains as well as the other express trains.  Regular buses run to and from Medinipur and these are all local buses so one can find many buses at steady intervals. When travelling by air, Kolkata is the nearest airport.

Tourism in Medinipur

There are quite a few places that tourists can see in and around Medinipur. Kanak Durga Temple is a must see temple. It has beautiful architecture and is a serene place. Since it has a port, tourists can have a joy ride on the ferries and it is probably one of the best experiences as the water is calm. There is the Gopegarh heritage park, Deer park, Rameshwar Temple, Gangani, Rashikananda Memorial are few that a tourist can go to see. Kolkata is nearby and there are innumerable things to see and do.

Shopping in Medinipur

Medinipur has shopping markets which are equipped with all the latest clothes and accessories and electronic goods. Since Howrah and Kolkata are so close by, one can visit a number of malls where you can find the latest brands, fashions and trends. There are local shops and grocery stores which are almost sufficient unless they need something specific which can only be found in big cities for which they can travel to Kolkata which is not far.

Hospitals in Medinipur

Medinipur has access to a number of hospitals and nursing homes. People do not need to travel far to get medical attention especially in case of emergencies. Some of the hospitals with address and phone numbers are listed below: -


Address: Ranindranagar, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101
Contact Number: 3222275475

St. Joseph’s Hospital
Address: Phulpahari, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721102
Contact Number: 3222269902

Midnapore Medical College
Address: Vidyasagar road, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101
Contact number: 3222222400

K.G. Medicare
Address: Hospital Road, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101
Contact number: 3222267712

Utility Services in Medinipur

Medinipur has the essential utilities such as banks and ATM services such as: -

  • ICICI- Ranindranagar, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101
  • Indian Bank- Karanitola, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101
  • Indian Overseas Bank- Gol Kua Chowk, Medinipur, West Bengal, 721101

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